How to get information about Pykälä activities in English?

Pykälä-English mailing list

Pykälä has a special mailing list for Exchange Students. The list is in English and all the Pykälä events will be translated and sent to the mailing list. There are also some special information for Exchange Students in this list so make sure you’ll remember to subscribe!

Note that this list is only for receiving messages. If you have questions or comments, please send them directly to the International Executive.

Subscribing to the pykala-english mailing list is easy – just send message ”subscribe pykala-english” to leaving the subject field blank.

To unsubscribe send ”unsubscribe pykala-english” to Leave subject field blank.

International Executive

Pykälä has a contact person for exchange students, the international executive in UAV (the committee for external affairs). The contact person keeps in touch by hanging out at parties and other events that exchange students might be interested in. He or she also updates a mailing list targeted especially at you, the pykala-english list. He/she is also responsible for these pages.

You can always contact the int. exec if you want more information about Pykälä, or studying in Finland, or anything at all. In 2019 the International Executives are Anni Sofia Kivi-Koskinen and Dani Auvinen ( or!

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