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Pykälä Exchange membership

What is it?

Pykälä membership is required for all students wishing to participate in Pykälä events etc. As an exchange student you can and are recommended to become an exchange member of Pykälä. On a practical level membership can be seen as a Pykälä Exchange sticker on one’s student card. It’s also the certification of the membership if required to show in an event. You can join and pick up your sticker by visiting our office at Mannerheimintie 3B (5th floor). Note that you must be a member of the Student Union of University of Helsinki in order to be a member of Pykälä.



As a member of Pykälä you’ll get the complete Finnish exchange experience. You’ll get to be a part of the biggest and the most beautiful law students’ association in Finland. And what would be a better place to get to know Finns and meet new friends than right among them?

In Pykälä there’s always something to do and like most of us you’ll get addicted to Pykälä soon enough. Some of our students volunteer all year to give you the best student experience and amazing events to attend.

We are more than happy to welcome you to our Pykälä family!


What does Pykälä has to offer?


Pykälä Merchandise

We sell Pykälä branded merchandise at our office. Show your Pykälä pride or get some souvenirs such as hoodies, scarfs and overall badges! You can get yours any time during the Office opening hours (Tue-Wed 16.30-19.00 and Thu 10.00-14.00).




Pykälä organizes dinner parties called sitsit. These academic table parties usually include a three course meal, singing, downing shots of vodka and standing or dancing on and under the chairs and tables. Sitsit is a fun, unique and traditional event but in this case traditional certainly doesn’t mean boring! Typically, sitsit starts at seven PM and the dinner is over by eleven. After this, the fun usually continues all night as an after party (4-5 AM). Pykälä also organizes a few sitsit a year in English for exchange students. It’s a great way to experience this part of student life in Finland and to get to know Finns and other exchange students.

Meet a pykälisti- dinners

Meet a Pykälisti- Dinners are a new and easy way for exchange students to meet members of Pykälä.

Basic idea is to connect small groups of exchange students and Finnish law students (2-6 persons/group) to get to know each other and about different countries and cultures. So whether you’re up for a good lunch, or just want to grab a cup of coffee, this is your chance to do it in a great company of mysterious Finnish law students. Dinner, lunch, brunch or anything in between and beyond-you decide!


Pykälä organizes many kinds of excursions, for example to law firms or major businesses. Most of the excursions are in Finnish, but these visits will be arranged to exchange students as well, depending on your wishes.

Parties and other events

Pykälä organizes parties in our club space and in various bars around the city center. Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list Pykälä-English in order to get information about events and ticket sales.

Please let the int. exec. know about any and all ideas or wishes you might have about excursions or other events for your exchange and we’ll do our best to make them happen.



You may have noticed that almost all students in Finland wear special overalls to different events. The Pykälä uniform is a burgundy coloured overall with Pykälä insignia on the back. All Finnish-speaking law students wear the same colour, whereas students from different faculties and Universities have overalls of different colours. The Pykälä overalls are available for order in the beginning of the autumn, but usually take time so if you’re not here during spring semester, it might not be worth it. Otherwise highly recommended, keep your eyes peeled for this! You will get the order information via Pykälä-English email list. You can also check the office for leftover overalls from previous years. There are usually one or two for sale!