Pykälä – what is it?

Pykälä (founded in 1935) is an association for law students in University of Helsinki. We have about 1800 members including nearly all the law students in Helsinki.

Originally Pykälä was founded as a watchdog organization for law students’ rights. It is still one of our top priorities. We seek to improve the quality of teaching and the conditions at the university. We also offer legal aid free of charge for all the students in the University of Helsinki.

However, we’re much more than that!

Our goal is to make studying and student life manageable, fun and eventful. We organize different events such as parties, excursions, academic dinners (sitsit), seminars and study groups regularly throughout the semester. In addition we have a small library which all the members are welcome to use. At our office in Mannerheimintie 3B you can also buy very popular Pykälä products such as sweaters and scarves.

We have our own clubhouse in Sörnäinen (address: Suvilahdenkatu 10B) where most of our events are held. As an exchange student studying law in Helsinki, you are warmly welcome to Pykälä! We guarantee that you will not get bored with us!


In Pykälä you find different bodies:

The Board (or hallitus, in Finnish)

is the main organizer and planner of affairs in Pykälä. There are eight people in the board of Pykälä. You can see their contact information here.

The Committee for External Affairs

known to members simply as UAV is the main link between Pykälä and the outside world. UAV organises special events for exchange students and international executive – the contact person for exchange students – is a member of this committee.

The General Committee

also known as YVK focuses on relations between Pykälä members. YVK organizes parties for all Pykälä members including Pykälä Exchange members. YVK-parties are an excellent way to enjoy Helsinki nightlife and meet Finnish and international students.

The Committee for Studies

works with people in the faculty in order to improve the quality of teaching.

The Committee for Corporate Relations

focuses on arranging excursions and co-operating with our partners in the business world.

The Committee for Legal Help

offers legal advice for free of charge for students in need. If you have legal problems don’t hesitate to contact them. You can find their contact information here!

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