The Committee for External Affairs

The Committee for External affairs, commonly known as UAV (short for Ulkoasiainvaliokunta), aims to build connections between our beloved Pykälä and other student associations. Interdisciplinary activities are our specialty. In the parties hosted by us, you may come across the most wonderful and inspiring people from all over Helsinki and maybe from other Nordic countries or even Central Europe.

UAV organises many academic dinner parties, Sit-Sit’s, throughout the year in cooperation with other student associations. We have collaborated with doctors, graduate engineers, economists and political scientists in the past and look forward to keep up the good collaboration. For example at Pykälä-Codex Sit-Sit, members of Pykälä can socialise with other students within our faculty. In addition to Sit-Sit, UAV hosts many other exciting events.

UAV is Pykälä’s showcase for the international student body of the faculty and the entire university. The committee informs exchange students about Pykälä’s activities and strives to integrate them into the happy group of what we call “oikkarit” (law students).

The committee has a meeting once a month. Everyone is welcome to join the meeting and hear what shenanigans we have planned out for the semester. We also want to hear about your great ideas!

You can find the names and contact information of the officials of the current UAV here.


The officials of the Committee for External Affairs


The Chair of the Committee for External Affairs (UAV:n puheenjohtaja in Finnish)

The task of the Chair of the External Affairs Committee is to convene the committee and to lead the speech in the meetings. The Chair represents the External Affairs Committee at board meetings of Pykälä and has final responsibility for the committee’s activities.

The Vice Chair of the Committee for External Affairs (UAV:n varapuheenjohtaja)

The Vice Chair acts as the Chair’s right hand – and sometimes as the thumb in the middle of the palm. They take care of the Chair’s responsibilities when they are unable to handle them for one reason or another. The Vice Chair also prepares task lists for the committee members, both for wild parties and more informative events. The Vice Chair also arranges the seating chart for the people attending Sit-Sit (academic dinners) and helps the committee members with various issues whenever needed.

The secretary of the Committee for External Affairs (UAV:n sihteeri)

The secretary keeps minutes of the committee’s meetings. It is strongly recommended to read the minutes if you want to know what is discussed in the External Affairs Committee.

The International Executives of the Committee for External Affairs (UAV:n kv-vastaava)

The International Executives can be recognized by their dedication to the well-being of foreign students within the faculty. They strive to promote the welfare of exchange students and English-speaking master’s degree students by constantly informing them about all the fun activities organized by Pykälä through their maintained Pykälä English email list. The main and most important mission of the International Executives is to involve exchange students in the association’s activities so that others, besides themselves, can also enjoy a multicultural and international atmosphere within Pykälä’s walls. To fulfill their duties, they are always ready to answer challenging questions from exchange students and generally hang out in their amazing company. Internationality – it brings quality!

The Equality Coordinator of the Committee for External Affairs (UAV:n yhdenvertaisuusvastaava)

The Equality Coordinator is a new position, added for the first time in the year 2020. The Equality Coordinator strives to find ways to improve equality in Pykälä’s daily operations.

The Trip Coordinator of the Committee for External Affairs (UAV:n matkavastaava)

The Trip Coordinator has a lot of freedom to develop and bring new events to Pykälä. They are responsible for organising and communicating with friendly student organisations regarding events, alongside the Excecutive of the External Affairs. The Trip Coordinator’s tasks include organising the traditional ’appro-reissu’ (pub crawl -trip) and bus transportations to the events held outside of Helsinki. In addition to these, the Trip Coordinator participates in UAV’s activities, like other committee members.

The Communications Coordinator of the Committee for External Affairs (UAV:n tiedottaja)

The UAV’s Communications Coordinator works as an assistant to the Communications Executive of the board with a special responsibility for the committee’s own pages. The main task of the Communications Coordinator is to make everyone aware of the committee’s upcoming meetings and, above all, the events they organise – their name will surely become familiar through Pykälä-info! Pykälä also has a Communications Committee, of which the UAV’s Communications Coordinator is a member.

The Hostesses of the Committee for External Affairs (UAV:n emäntä)

The hostesses of UAV are responsible for preparing all sorts of delicacies for events such as academic dinners, seminars and trips to Kiljava cottage. Their hard work requires some heavy enjoyment, and the hostesses are always rewarded with their very own EP (Emännän Pullo), which translates to ”Hostess’s Bottle” – a bottle of their favorite drink. The hostesses haven’t compiled a cookbook yet, so you can inquire about their secret recipes via email. PS. It’s best not to upset the hostesses unless you want ’mämmi’ (traditional Finnish Easter dessert) as dessert!

The Hosts of the Committee for External Affairs (UAV:n isäntä)

The hosts of UAV (and YVK) work closely together in collaboration. Their tasks include organising the legendary ”Sillis” and taking care of sauna cleaning and recycling empty bottles at Pykälä. During Laskiainen, the hosts also prepare the traditional ”isännänmehu” (host’s juice).

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