The Board

The Board is responsible for implementing the decisions of the meetings of the Association, representing of the Association and managing the Association’s day-to-day affairs. In addition to these tasks, each member of the Board is responsible for their own area of expertise.

The Board is elected for a calendar year at the Association’s annual autumn meeting. The Board consists of the Chair, Executive of Corporate Relations, Treasurer, Studies Executive, Communications Executive, Executive of External Affairs, Executive of General Affairs and Premises Executive.

Except for the summer, the Board meets weekly at the Pykälä Clubhouse in Sörnäinen. All members of the Pykälä have the right to attend Board meetings.

You e-mail to the sitting board at the following address: .

You can find the names and contact information of the sitting board here.

Chair (puheenjohtaja in Finnish)

Chair leads the conversation at the Board Meetings. The Chair is responsible for ensuring that the Association Act, the Rules and the bylaws of the Association are followed in the Association’s activities. The Chair is ultimately responsible for implementing the decisions of the Association and the Board meetings. They are also in charge of maintaining contact with the most important interest groups.

Executive of Corporate Relations (yrityssuhdevastaava)

Executive of Corporate Relations is responsible for maintaining and developing Pykälä’s corporate relations. Executive of Corporate Relations is the chair of the Committee for Corporate Relations and represents the Committee in the Board. In addition, Executive of Corporate Relations is responsible for maintaining the membership register, acting as secretary at Board meetings and taking minutes.

Treasurer (taloudenhoitaja)

Treasurer is responsible for the Association’s finances. Treasurer manages the Association’s accounting and day-to-day financial affairs, as well as prepares the budget and financial statements. Treasurer also serves as the secretary of the Finance committee, contributing to long-term financial planning for the Association. Additionally, Treasurer holds the responsibility for organization’s investment activities, including representing the association in relevant administrative bodies pertinent to fund investments.

Studies Executive (opintovastaava)

Studies Executive advocates for the interests of students and actively engages in matters that are significant for students. Together with the Studies Committee and student representatives, Studies Executive strives to influence the faculty administration, the Student Union and the Association of Finnish Lawyers (Juristiliitto in Finnish). Studies Executive is the chair of the Studies Committee and represents the Committee in the Board.

Communications Executive (tiedotusvastaava)

Communications Executive is responsible for the association’s communication activities. Communication executive maintains the association’s main communication channels, such as the website and the Pykälä-info email list, as well as social media accounts. The Communications Executive also handles other forms of communication, for example in the Student Magazine, the University and Faculty publications, and to some extent in the association’s own publications. They are responsible for the purchase, maintenance and servicing of the association’s IT and other electronic equipment.

Executive of External Affairs (ulkoaisiainvastaava)

The Executive of External Affairs’s role is to maintain and develop the association’s relationships with other student organizations both domestically and internationally. Executive of External Affairs, also known as the ”int.sek.,” is a member of Nordiska Sekretariatet, which coordinates cooperation among Nordic law student organizations. In connection with this, one of int.sek.’s major responsibilities is organizing Pykälä’s own International Week. In addition to Pykälä’s International Week, int.sek. participates in the International Weeks organized by other student organizations.

Within the country, Executive of External Affairs primarily manages the association’s relationships with sister organizations but also with other student organizations. Executive of External Affairs serves as the chair of the Committee for External Affairs and represents the Committee in the Board.

Executive of General Affairs (yleisvastaava)

Executive of General Affairs is responsible for organizing the majority of Pykälä’s events. Executive of General Affairs serves as the chair of Pykälä’s largest committee, the General Committee, and represents the Committee in the Board.

Premises Executive (tilavastaava)

Premises Executive is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of Pykälä’s premises, working in collaboration with the Executive of General Affairs. Premises Executive is in charge of renting out the Pykälä Clubhouse and maintains the reservation calendar for the facilities.

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