The students studying in the international master’s programmes are welcome to join Pykälä as regular members. The members of Pykälä are also automatically student members of The Association of Finnish Lawyers. To join you should fill the application form here. (we’re sorry it’s only in Finnish at the moment!)

The membership fee is 35 € for the whole duration of your studies and it should be paid at the Pykälä office. When you pay the fee you also get the Pykälä membership sticker, with which you can prove that you are, in fact, a member of Pykälä.

Why should I join?

As a member you’ll get all kinds of benefits and opportunities.

  1. You’ll be able to use the Pykälä clubroom located in Sörnäinen. The clubroom is meant for the use of all members and can be used for example for studying, holding meetings or watching movies. The members can also rent the space for private events.
  2. You’ll have access to the library at the Pykälä office. All members can loan books from there.
  3. You’ll be subscribed to the magazine written by Pykälä members. The magazine, Inter Vivos, is the official magazine sent to all Pykälä members and all members can take part in writing it.
  4. You’ll be a student member of the Association of Finnish Lawyers. You’ll get to enjoy all the benefits the association offers and you’ll also get the membership magazine. There is no membership fee for students.
  5. You’ll be able to take part in the courses organized by the Association of Finnish Lawyers. Pykälä has some free spots in some of the courses organized by the Association of Finnish Lawyers. The members are able to apply for these spots. For the time being most of these courses are held in Finnish.
  6. You’ll get a chance to have your voice heard at the University. The student representatives to the faculty are chosen through Pykälä.
  7. The office is there for your use, too. The computers and the printer at the office are meant for the use of Pykälä members.
  8. You’ll be able to use Paragraaffi Oy to find job opportunities for students.
  9. You get a chance to take part in all the fun Pykälä offers. Pykälä organizes all kinds of events that you’ll be able to participate in. The membership also allows you to benefit from different kinds of membership privileges.
  10. Most importantly: You’ll get to know new friends, have new opportunities and take part in the student life!
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